Never not experiencing wanderlust because really, how can you not? I’ve always had the travel bug since I was a youngin’. Maybe partly due to the fact that my parents travelled often to different parts of the world due to their jobs. Part of my bucketlist is to travel to all over the world and immerse myself in its beauty while I’m still quite young, if possible. That is the ultimate dream. The thought of being exposed to different cultures is something that makes my heart jump with excitement. Learning first-hand about their history and its people as well as the experience that comes along with it is something that school or the internet can’t provide. Seeing pictures and reading articles about it online is different. Way different. But alas, that is the closest thing I could get to having a taste of my dream destinations… for now.

One of my favourite pastimes is looking at photographs of dream destinations and pinning them on to my Pinterest boards. Destination number one is Bali, Indonesia which is quite a gem. Frequented by my favourite bloggers – and pretty much everyone else but me – I’ve seen numerous photos and blog entries showcasing the beauty of Bali and I was sold. I knew then and there that I have to go there someday. Oddly enough I came across what is possibly the best place to stay in Bali and this was it – The Luxe Nomad’s Bali Villas. Hands down. Every single villa just as gorgeous as the other. The problem? Which one to pick!? #firstworldproblems at its finest. Not to mention, they also hold[/one_half_last] flash sales year round. SIGN. ME. UP.

Okay, The Luxe Nomad. You win.

The Luxe Nomad – 1

Me – 0.

Bali - The Luxe Nomad

If you haven’t noticed yet, I have the tendency to plan itineraries and lodging waaay ahead of time due to sheer excitement. Who can blame me? I can already see myself going all Julia Roberts à la Eat, Pray, Love. Also, I am so ready to get my tan on and become a bronzed goddess. Okay, I may be getting ahead of myself a wee bit.

Needless to say, my body is ready for Bali (metaphorically speaking anyway). Any time soon now. As soon as I have stepped foot onto paradise, expect blog posts which consist of jpeg diarrhea and a flurry of Instagram snaps covering every inch and corner of Bali, if possible.

As I have mentioned this place is a dream and makes for quite the perfect escape. Let’s face it, Bali is the equivalent of paradise. The lush greenery, gorgeous sunsets, and all things beautiful. These things are what I live for. I have been itching to travel for quite a while now and this is the perfect excuse to pack my bags and get on a plane ASAP. And as I’m typing this, I’m still wondering why the hell am I not doing just that. The Luxe Nomad, take me away already.


Travel while you’re young and able. Don’t worry about the money, just make it work. Experience is far more valuable than money will ever be.

Bali - The Luxe Nomad

Bali - The Luxe Nomad

Photos from Tuula Vintage and The Luxe Nomad

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