(top from a bazaar, Mango jeans, Chick Flick necklace, Topshop shoes, belt from my mom’s closet) What I wore to my Saturday class (boo). Believe it or not, I just threw this on because it was the first thing I found in my closet. Luckily, it looks well together. I look like one of those […]


Finally got the Topshop shoes I really wanted! So so happy right now. I can’t get over how perfect it is. I can’t wait to wear them out! I’m in love with the mini spikes on it and how comfortable they are. Definitely my favourite pair of shoes as of the moment.


(dress c/o LOVE, watch from Swatch, ring from Mia Casa, necklace from Accessorize) What a long title! Haha sorry about that but it’s what came into my mind when I saw the dress. The black part is the storm and the pink & orange part is, obviously, the rainbow. Another incredible dress from LOVE that […]


Feeling quite horrible right now because of my throat. It hurts so much and it’s killing me. I also had a slight fever last night. I had to skip school today because of it. Hopefully this goes away ASAP.  Took a few photos just to pass the time. First photo, that’s how my hair looks […]


(top from a bazaar, skirt and bracelet from H&M, ring from Pop Culture, shoes from Forever 21) Independence Day well-spent! Hung out with Bea and took outfit photos. It was really hot outside and the both of us were sweating like crazy. Plus, the street we took photos in was pretty far from Bea’s house. […]


(sweater from Forever 21, shorts from OASAP) So, last week when I was in Bea’s house, one of my guy friends finally gave me the sweater that he pinky promised he’d buy me. Hee hee. I got all giddy and stuff when he handed it over because I’ve been waiting for it for a long […]