Last week I paid a visit to a restaurant that had just opened in SM City North EDSA named Chubs Chasers.

Normally I wouldn’t travel so far up North but if food is involved, I immediately haul ass.

Meat-lovers will definitely love this place because they serve a lot of meat and let me tell you, they were hella good.

For starters, I got the Cream of Mushroom soup and unsurprisingly it was good but nothing amazing. Just your typical Cream of Mushroom soup.

After serving the appetizer, they served us their Flaming Wagyu Cubes next and these were to die for. They were really soft and juicy and delicious. I think the only disappointment for this dish was that the Wagyu Cubes are just a few (my fat ass wanted more).

Chubs Chasers is definitely a restaurant worth checking out if you’re looking for something new. They have a few locations up North and I’m crossing my fingers that they would open one in the South soon!

If you plan on dining at Chubs Chasers, use my code “JELINETREATS” for a free treat!

DISCLAIMER: This post was sponsored by Chubs Chasers but all opinions are my own.

For my drink, I ordered their Buko Pandan dessert drink and I definitely recommend this one. I was craving for Buko Pandan which is why I decided to get this and it did not disappoint. My throat was sore during my visit but this definitely didn’t stop me from drinking this anyway. My boyfriend loved it as well and basically finished it.

Lastly for the main course, we got the Sexy Platter which consisted of Pork Steak, T-Bone Steak, Salisbury Steak, Chicken, and Baby Back Ribs plus steamed rice or mashed potato. Our favorite was the Salisbury Steak, Baby Back Ribs and Chicken. This platter is good for 4-5 persons but we were able to clean off most of the plate because it was that good. The only reason we couldn’t completely finish it was because it just too much for 2 people.

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