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[one_half_last]I have officially found the one.

His name is Daniel Wellington and this one’s a (time)keeper.

For someone who’s quite particular with time, a watch is definitely a must-have because your iPhone simply does not suffice -sorry, Steve Jobs. It was high time for me to get a watch and who better to turn to than Daniel Wellington? Their watches are the epitome of classic. Guaranteed, it will never go out of style and most likely, out of my wrist.

Fashionably late? Ha! More like fashionably punctual, am I right? Someone make that a thing now. No? Okay *sad face*. But really though, I grew up with the concept of being fashionably late equates to being a cool kid. Why can’t being punctual be cool? I  guess I will never understand the cool kid way of life.

But know this, owning a Daniel Wellington watch will definitely give you cool kid points (or at least I’d like to think it will) and it’s only fair that I let you guys get the chance of winning one! That’s one step closer to your #goals. Head over to my Instagram, @jelinecatt, to find out how you can win the watch featured in this blog post. May the odds be ever in your favour.

Daniel Wellington ‘Classic Sheffield Lady’ Watch

Daniel Wellington Classy Sheffield’ Watch [/one_half_last]

Sartorialust x Daniel Wellington Sartorialust x Daniel Wellington

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