(Topshop top, G2000 cardigan, H&M shorts, Forever 21 ring, Sewn shoes)
I am insanely in love with that top because of it embellishments. I bought it when Topshop had their mid-season sale. It’s actually a bit too big for me because the size is large. I bought it anyway even though they didn’t have my size because I can always have it altered and I might regret not buying it which happens to me a lot LOL. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you guys how awesome you are! Honestly there are times that I’m too lazy or not motivated to take outfit photos but whenever I read your sweet comments, I get inspired. So thank you. You’re all so lovely. x

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  • i’m agree with your statement that “you are insanely in love with that top because of it embellishments”

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  • wooow, sooo beautiful!

  • You look great! 🙂
    Do you have bloglovin?



    • Thanks! Yes, I do. The link is on my sidebar 🙂

    • Oops, didn’t notice it 😀

      following you now (:

  • Way too cute! That top is adorable.


  • really great outfit and pictures! i like your ring

    hope you’ll visit back

  • It makes me depressed that Topshop is not yet available in Australia or else I would have went out and bought myself that same top! Lovely outfit by the way 🙂

  • So pretty! LOVE your accessories! Super cute.

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    ox from NYC!


  • so natural. loved your blog. mind to follow each other?

  • so gorgeous!
    beautiful blog 🙂

  • You look awesome! :-* So much lovely pastel and nude colors! 🙂

  • I adore the neutral tones! Your outfit is so pretty:) And your blog is lovely too, have a wonderful day!! XX

  • awesome look, i love the colour scheme you chose. And don’t worry, you can’t even tell that the top is too big. I always do that 😉 how many sizes up did you go?

    P.s. thanks for the comment! Sorry for being such a lazy butt and not replying straight away, I thought that I’d take the time to return the favour today, so thanks 🙂 x

    Sanam x
    My Fashion/Photography blog: DayByDiva

    • Thank you! ♥ I’m actually a size small. 🙂

      Oh, it’s fine! Hee hee. You’re welcome. x

  • This outfit is super pretty 😀 and it looks beautiful on you!!

  • sooo cute ^^

  • Thanks a lot.
    Pretty outfit, pretty girl 🙂


  • beautiful look, loving the nude tones!


  • Love that you stick to neutrals. So simple yet so pretty 🙂

  • Gorgeous top! 🙂