[one_half]Christmas tree shopping, gifts shopping, consuming gingerbread cookies and doing all things Christmas was what the past two days looked like for me. December has been quite a whirlwind and it still hasn’t sunk in that it’s Christmas Eve already but I’m not complaining because there’s a Noche Buena feast awaiting me and I can’t wait to chow down some good food.

The holiday season has also been taking its toll on me as I have been consuming more food than ever and I blame the holidays for such behavior. I’m quite certain that I’ve already put on some holiday weight but it’s all good in the hood because oversized sweaters help in hiding the food baby which also allows you to eat even more as you please.

I’m off to prepare myself for the upcoming food coma and I hope you are too. Time to loosen those belts, people or better yet, lose them completely because you’re going to need all the room you can get. Happy holidays!

H&M Chenille Jumper

Topshop Slip Dress

Cotton On Boots[/one_half]

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Photos by Aya Cabauatan

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