Last month, I have officially graduated (literally and figuratively) from being a student to being a post-graduate, pre-work young adult. A social construct that we are all too familiar with and often celebrate; One that we deem worthy enough to be a Facebook Life Event. Simply put, the whole phenomenon is a pretty big deal for us humans.

This transitional phase that I had just underwent was…weird. For fourteen years I was put into a routine of wake up, go to school, do homework, sleep, repeat and to have that put to a halt was a tad bit disorienting but also very relieving.

Not gonna lie, I felt like a bird being freed from a cage after being in captivity for years. I was never a fan of the customary educational system as it felt restricting.

But that’s just me.

So after a few good weeks of adjusting and acquainting myself with this new life chapter of mine, I pack my things and head to Hong Kong for internship. Because as per usual with all graduates, we intern.

With four weeks into my internship with Rhea Magazine, I’ve already managed to pick up valuable nuggets of wisdom and more insight about HK’s fashion industry. That, mixed with some riveting life episodes just makes my stay all the more interesting. But hey, what happens in Hong Kong stays in Hong Kong. *wink*

Anyway, duty calls. Off to the next assignment!

Gilded by Sartorialust
"Gilded" by Sartorialust
"Gilded" by Sartorialust

H&M Bodysuit

ZARA Skirt

H&M Shoes



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