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[one_half_last]Rejoicing because Holly Day (née Holiday) is here and I couldn’t be more ecstatic. If she was a real person, I would’ve hugged her by now but alas she is just a fictional character I just came up with who I’d like to think is a symbol of the holiday season, much like Santa Claus, as an excuse to explain why this blog post’s title is Holly Day. So there you have it folks.

Now that school is over and done with, I am ready freddy for the holiday festivities to begin. I’ve been on the holiday mood since two weeks ago which was definitely not helpful in terms of getting school work done but it’s inevitable due to the Christmas songs playing pretty much everywhere you go.

I’m gearing up for the holiday season and cold weather by stocking up on sweaters, most preferably turtleneck, and hot chocolate. Soon enough I’ll be flying out to Hong Kong then San Francisco after to visit my brother which I’m super keen about. I’m looking forward to the clam chowder at Fisherman’s Wharf the most (SO good). Expect a San Francisco photo diary coming up.

Another thing to anticipate is the photos from my recent shoot with Aya. We were at it again last Saturday morning and here is the first of four. Stay tuned for more.

P.S. Spongebob’s striped sweater song is currently stuck in my head. Help.

H&M Turtleneck

ASUAR “Corrode” Skirt

Cotton On  Boots



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Photos by Aya Cabauatan

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