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[one_half padding=”0 15px 0 0″][dropcap custom_class=”normal”]A[/dropcap]fter a multitude of “what app do you use to edit your photos?” or “what filter do you use?” questions, I finally decided to put a stop to these seemingly never-ending questions and satiate your thirst for knowledge on how I edit my Instagram photos. And because Instagram’s filters just don’t cut it. Gone are the days of using Mayfair, Valencia, Earlybird, et al.

Choosing what filter to use was much easier back then with the small selection we were given with but now, I have to deal with choosing which of the 64 filters I like best. Not only that, I also have to adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, and all that other stuff now too. And seeing that you guys are quite the curious folks, I whipped up a little video to show you the step-by-step process of how I edit my Instagram photos.

I’ll go ahead and assume that you’ll be able to keep up because it’s honestly not that difficult.

If anything, it’s quite basic. You only have to fix the brightness, contrast, sharpness, temperature, highlights, shadows, tint, and saturation anyway. It’s not rocket science, people. By the end of this post, you’ll be an Instagram virtuoso! If there is such thing.[/one_half] [one_half padding=”0 15px 0 0″]While we’re at it, I’ll also share with you three more tips that weren’t mention in the video for better Instagram photos.

1. Lighting – I cannot stress enough how important good lighting is when it comes to taking pictures. Not only for Instagram but pretty much for everything. You don’t want to see a dark and grainy photo now would you? Sunlight is your best friend so make use of it. The best time for shooting is in the morning or 4-5pm the afternoon where the sunlight isn’t so harsh.

2. Composition – I like the objects in my photo to be organized and framed nicely so I compose everything to my liking and switch it up a bit so that I would have a variety of options to choose from. It requires a bit of effort but trust me, the outcome will look great. Just be creative and playful about it!

3. Props – Weird as it may sound but incorporating props (? for lack of a better term) into your image can also help. Make use of the things around your home such as flowers, magazines, decor, and other knick-knacks that you may find lying around. Keep these in mind and you’ll have a prettier feed in no time but also, don’t beat yourself too much about having perfect photos. It’s only social media after all.[/one_half]

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