[one_half padding]Fast forward to a week after these were taken. I’m back in Manila which also meant I’m back to school. Not so keen on the latter. I already found myself missing Hong Kong in spite of being there twice, every year. Will I ever get sick of Hong Kong? Probably not. I already long for Aji-sen’s ramen which has been my go-to place to eat in the airport for as long as I can remember. Speaking of airports, this was my chosen attire for the plane ride back home courtesy of Klarra (you guys rock).

While I wasn’t so thrilled about the fact that I was about to leave for home already, the plane ride back wasn’t so bad as I thought it would be. I was quite bummed to learn that I was seated far apart from my mum and sister because it meant I had to sit beside strangers which may have resulted into a terrible flight back home but that definitely wasn’t the case.

I was seated in between two gentlemen, one who is American and the other, British. While I had the urge to start a conversation with either of them I was immensely shy to be able to do so, so I just kept to myself the entire time. The only time my seatmates got a sentence out of me was when they both offered me a pen to fill out forms with to which I replied “no thank you” with a slight smile. That was probably the climax of the whole trip. [/one_half]

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[one_half_last]Fast forward to an hour and a half  or perhaps more due to delay, we finally landed. While waiting for the plane to come at a full stop the American leaned close to my ear and sarcastically told me “you know you shouldn’t talk so much.” I laughed then apologized saying I was just shy. Both of my seatmates teased me for being so quiet and even said it’s my fault we had a flight delay. The three of us talked a bit more and I realized I just missed an opportunity to have a fun and longer conversation with those two all because I was shy.

From that moment on, I told myself to be a bit braver when it comes to talking to strangers but also still be cautious. I honestly think it’s fun and refreshing being able to meet new people. It’s not everyday that you get to talk to a complete stranger and on public transportation at that.

My being shy is also what prevents me for networking at events. I’m quite terrible at trying to keep, much less start, a conversation. It’s definitely something I’m working on. So if any of you have any tips regarding networking, feel free to help your home girl out.

‘Till the next blog post, folks!

Rola Lace Jersey Top and Warrow Splash Skort c/o Klarra

Charles and Keith Wallet.

H&M Shoes.[/one_half_last]


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