Kume x Sartorialust

For someone who lives in a tropical country, I have an awful lot of winter clothes. I suppose I could say I’m more of a winter baby in spite of living in a country that doesn’t know winter. I’m just smitten about the idea of layering, wearing coats, boots and cold weather accomapnied by the usual soy chai latte in one hand.

The yearly holiday trip to San Francisco finally got me busting out my winter gear from the depths of my closet and onto my suitcase but there were two items I was particularly excited to wear – KUMÉ‘s cashmere dress and faux fur coat.

I’ve been searching high and low for the perfect faux fur coat and needless to say, I found it. My faux fur coat dreams were finally realised which makes the case for their slogan “Wear your dream”. It represents their belief that people should be able to realize their thoughts and dreams through their choice of clothing.

Obviously, they’re living it up to their slogan.

I can’t express how great their designs are. Alice, founder and creative director of KUMÉ, has definitely got it all down. I’m quite certain you’ll find yourself fawning over the pieces just like I did.

I found myself wearing the coat over and over again. I practically lived in it. I also lost count how many times people complimented me on it with the occasional coat-feeling. I can’t blame them though, this coat was soft and fluffy as heck. And as for the dress, I’m usually not one to wear black but when I tried it on it just looked so good, it would be a crime not to wear it.

As I type this, I get a feeling of uncomfortable warmth and I realise that I’m back in hot and sunny Manila which also means it’s time to wrap up my winter clothes and stow them away ’till winter comes. And just like that, it’s almost summer again.

KUMÉ Ellie Black Cashmere Bell Sleeves Dress and Aurelie Baby Pink Faux Fur Coat

Kume x Sartorialust

Kume x Sartorialust

Kume x Sartorialust

Kume x Sartorialust

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  • Hi Jeline!

    I live in a place where it’s cold for the majority of the year- Maine. It is nice to think about bundling up in layers, etc. but trust me, it’s only nice for a week or so. Month after month, it’s really nice to just put on a simple sundress or something fast and walk out with flip flops.

    I’ve never heard of KUME, but I’m really loving these pieces. The faux fur coat is beautiful- that pastel pink! It looks quite cozy. Also, loving the silhouette of that dress. Great styling, and photos. Hope you’re having a happy new year!

    • Hi Amber! Ahh I get what you mean but I guess I can say the same thing but with extremely hot and uncomfortable which we have here. It definitely makes you long for cold weather!

      Thank you so much. Glad you liked it! Likewise. x

  • What a gorgeous coat! I’m definitely missing winter by looking at your cosy outfit. 🙂


  • Rakel
  • Gemini Tauberge

    love everything about this post! amazing photos, location (looks like palais de tokyo, sort of?), and especially that glorious fur coat!


    • Thank you! It was shot in Palace of Fine Arts. 😉

  • Thea Miralles ☆

    these photos are amazing and you look gorgeous, jeline!