"La Vie En Rose" – Sartorialust
"La Vie En Rose" – Sartorialust

"La Vie En Rose" – Sartorialust

Walls drenched in pink paint caught the corner of my eye as Bea, Renee, and I made our way to Gough Street so we decided to take a little detour to shoot each other’s outfits before heading on.


Bi-polar weather, quirky local finds, and unexpected bird droppings sums up our last full day in Hong Kong. Our 4-day trip went by a little too fast after anticipating it for months. I’m quite sad that it’s already over. The end of our trip was inevitably accompanied by separation anxiety in spite of seeing each other a day after for Preview Ball.

We don’t always get to see each with Bea living in the North, I in the south, and Renee in Singapore. It’s quite a long-distance friendship and funnily enough, seeing them in another country is easier than seeing them in Manila.

“South is farther than Hong Kong,” they often joked.

This was our first trip out of the country together and it was heaps of fun. It made us grow closer and I’m way too excited about our next one (Singapore, perhaps?). This obviously won’t be the last.



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