After seeing countless people rave about this skincare label’s products, it was high time for me to give it a try to see what the fuss is all about and so here I am, giving you the lowdown behind all the hype and #formulalove about Meiskin.

So what is it that makes Meiskin so special? Well for one, they’ve obviously nailed their foolproof formulas which we’ve all come to love. This Aussie-born label creates their products with natural ingredients which means we wouldn’t have to worry about nasty chemicals that our skin could possibly be absorbing.

I can’t tell how you how obsessed I am with their Kokonut Kreme, which smells like summer by the way, and truth be told, I’ve already finished mine. With that being said, the Kokonut Kreme has rightfully earned its spot in my skincare routine. As for the Karamel Kreme, I have yet to try it out but it goes without saying that this self-tanner is bomb. I absolutely can’t wait to say goodbye to my pale skin for the summer and be, in Snoop Dogg’s words, “tone, tan, fit, and ready” . Will definitely let you know how this one turns out!

In conclusion, Meiskin is the bombdizzle and worth trying out. Period.

Meiskin Kokonut Kreme and Karamel Kreme

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