Sartorialust x Tobi

One of the many things that life has taught me is that I should be prepared for whatever the hell comes my way and in this case, it’s unfavorable weather conditions because it’s not always sunshine and rainbows.

Not exactly the biggest fan of rainy season as a blogger. In case you haven’t noticed, we thrive on sunlight in order to get the best pictures possible. Sorry rain clouds, you can’t sit with us.

But in spite of yesterday’s rainfall, Bea and I still soldiered on, umbrella in hand, and tried to get some good shots with the risk of looking like a bunch of drowned rats. Not fun but it had to be done. All in the name of blogging.

Not gonna lie, I was this close to taking a rain check but seeing a small portion of clear sky gave me a string of hope and I was holding on to it for dear life. I also refused to accept I got ready for nothing although someone remind me to check the weather report next time.

We wrapped up the shoot in hopes of having at least a few decent photos and as it turns out, we ended up with more than I expected. Our silly attempt at shooting under the rain proved to be successful and everything is swell.

P.S. Thanks for being a real trooper, Bea. I owe you pizza.

Tobi In All AnglesSkirt. H&M Shoes. Zara Bag. Sunnies Studios “Nikka” Sunglasses.

Sartorialust x TobiSartorialust x Tobi
Sartorialust x Tobi

Photos by Bea Quisumbing

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