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[one_half_last]Rewinding to two months before, here’s a few outfit shots that were almost forgotten. Almost. I’m currently short on time to be able to shoot some new outfits but I definitely already have some planned and will be well underway once the schedule clears up so fear not, there will be some fresh content on the blog very soon.

Inconsistent publishing and an unintentional hiatus happens when life gets in the way which I do apologize for but surprisingly enough, I was quite relieved to have taken a little break from all the blogging biz.

Offline life has definitely been taking over, not that I’m complaining, and I’m still in the process of figuring out how to balance it with my online life. An 18 year old’s capacity can only be so much but hey, I’m gonna push myself to the limit and see where that takes me. Although I do think I need to get myself a planner and get my life sorted out ASAP.


BKRM White Label Shrug It off Blouse

Klarra Warow Splash Skort

ASOS “Fear” Chunky Sandals[/one_half_last]

Photos by Aya Cabauatan

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