When it comes to hair, I’m not the most exciting person which is why I sported a simple black ‘do for quite a while. But recently, I’ve finally decided to make the jump and go a little lighter and get some highlights to go with my newly chopped hair since I’ve been wanting to do this for quite some time now.

I came across this good deal on Deal Grocer that gave me a discount for the service I’ve been wanting to get so I just took it as a sign and went for it!

It proved to be a good decision because I was absolutely in love with my new hair color and apparently, you guys share the same feelings! After posting about it on insta-stories, I got an influx of inquiries from everyone asking about all the details which is why I decided to make it easier for everyone and write this blog post for all you curious cats.



TIP #1: Bring a picture of your hair peg! This is SO helpful and makes it easier for your hairstylist to understand what you want. Less room for mistakes!

For my cut, I simply showed this picture (above) to my hairstylist. Same length, same style. He understood so he immediately went off to work his magic. Et voila!

Feel free to use the reference photos I used. Pinterest is also a great resource for pegs.



For my hair color, I had it done at Creations by Lourd Ramos. Again, I used a reference picture to show the colorist what I wanted. It also helped that it was his previous client’s work so he already knew what to do.

Prior to this, my hair was a brassy disaster and I knew I had to get it fixed. This was the end result. According to him, my hair color is an ash brown balayage/ash brown with highlights and lowlights. Too freakin’ in love!

To maintain my hair, I use blue shampoo and purple shampoo from Joico once a week to eliminate any brassiness and prolong the life of my hair color.

This is probably the best my hair has ever looked and I couldn’t be more happy. To top it off, I got to save some cash thanks to my Deal Grocer finds! It was a God-send especially for broke millennials like moi.

Deal Grocer has the best prices across all channels on deals offered and they curate the deals to ensure quality. They also offer other beauty deals not just for hair services but also for facials, mani-pedis, spa treatments and more. Just be sure to head over to their beauty section for all the good deals. Definitely check them out if you haven’t! You can thank me later.


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