It’s been a few days since I’ve been back in home base from my trip to the magical tropical nation that is Maldives. Not a shabby place to turn 22. It’s only been two years into my 20’s yet I always get this daunting feeling of time running out and being old.

“You’re still so young!”, everybody says and yet I feel the complete opposite.

Thanks quarter life crisis that I’m not even supposed to be having ’till I’m 26. But seriously though, a financially stable life in my early 20’s? In this economy??? How to adult???

Why didn’t anyone warn me that turning 22 feels nowhere near like a Taylor Swift song?

I started this blog at the tender age of 15 but I’ve been blogging even before then under different platforms and different pseudonyms. It’s been a decade (+ a year) if we’re being specific. Little did I know, I’d still be here and actually making a career out of it. My short and sweet time in Maldives had me thinking about a lot of things. One of them is the direction I’m taking my blog and myself as a content creator.

Most people would say I’m doing great and consider me quite successful with all the work/projects I’m landing. In a sense, yes and I’m truly grateful for all these opportunities but as time goes by I feel more and more unfulfilled.

I’ve come to realize that the content I create no longer makes me feel satisfied. I feel like I only create content for content’s sake or to beat client deadlines nowadays. I started missing the good old days that were filled with excitement and enthusiasm in brainstorming creative content and collaborating with fellow artists.

Living in a fast paced insta-culture eventually got to me and it wore me down. Having the pressure to constantly post something online for fear of being forgotten or not reaching my average amount of likes or growing my following on social media – it really takes a toll on you. Which is why I’ve decided to take a step back and reassess what I’ve been doing. It was time for me to take on more personal projects and document them on this website to help me grow as a creative.

To hell with trying to beat the algorithm.