Amuseum dedicated to ice cream is probably the last thing you’d think of putting inside of what used to be a bank but that’s what Museum of Ice Cream’s founder, Maryellis Bunn, just did.

Each room inside the museum is a child’s sweet dream personified. An added bonus? Delicious treats in each room! My sweet tooth was immensely satisfied. My dentist on the other hand, maybe not that much.

Insta-hoes such as myself would also die over MOIC. Every nook and cranny was perfectly Instagrammable so be prepared to take lots of photos and go home with content for days!

I’d say the highlight for the whole museum would have to be the iconic sprinkle pool. A little warning though, you might end up leaving with sprinkles on you. I know tons of people did because the sidewalks of SF were sprinkled with sprinkles but it did make quite a cute sight.

Rest assured, people of all ages would have a blast going through MOIC. I know I did. And before you leave, you get to take home a piece of MOIC with you with their cute merch!

PSA: Museum dates and ticket sales have been extended until 5/29!