How to Pick Up a Ukrainian Girl at the Bar

Picking up girls at bars is not as easy and funny as you may think. However, you may improve the strategy by following our guide and make it really exciting. Here is your biggest enemy – the “you-buy-a-drink-and-she-jumps-into-you-bed” stereotype. Do whatever you want but don’t make ladies think that you are just another creep. Of course, it is not fair to come with a prejudice towards men who enjoy picking Ukrainian girls at bars. But the truth is a great number of them are really sort of creeps. Thus, never show that you hunt them with your eyes. It should be not more than a glance coming from you. Don’t try to make a hole in her blouse. You don’t want to look that hungry and desperate, do you?

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Take stock of the situation

I know, sometimes it may be really difficult to assess the situation rationally at a bar. I am not speaking about alcohol here. What I mean is a great number of stunning Ukrainian girls that make your hormones think for you. If you are truly interested in dating Ukrainian girls, keep your mind cool.

 Make sure you won’t intervene anything before approaching a Ukrainian lady you’ve cast an eye on. Don’t bother her if you see that she is excited telling a story to her girlfriend or has a “serious” drunken talk, for example. Choose the right moment. If there are three more guys wooing her, it won’t be a successful acquaintance either.

Generosity is your enemy at the bar

If you are curious about how to pick up a girl at a bar, you should pay attention to the following tip. It will both save your money and energy.

It is great to be nice and generous in general. However, being generous at a bar requires another important feature – being reasonable. Think carefully before making compliments in the form of drinks to a stranger, even if she is an extremely beautiful stranger. First of all, it may put a lady in an awkward situation. She may feel awkward because you’ve just spend about $20 to buy her a drink. There is always a chance that a girl will reject you (even if what you want is a talk). Don’t make her feel like she owes you a talk.

Talk to her

To tell the truth, saying hello is the easiest and the most natural way to approach a girl at a bar. Why reinvent the wheel? Developing a script is ineffective in this case. Sorry, but this is life. You don’t need the script to find a Ukrainian girl. Besides, a Ukrainian girl will easily feel the fake and prepared in advance speech. Thus, it is better to be sincere.

By the way, if you feel that she likes you but want to make sure, here is a great way to check what she feels about you. Just tell a funny, obviously made-up story and watch her reacting. If she smiles or laughs at it, she is into you (or at least enjoys your company).

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 Back to the talk… The number one rule here is to make your talk go smoothly and sound effortless. Don’t pretend to be a bad guy if you are a good one. Think about it. What if she is fond of good guys? You never know.

Be nice to her company

Multitasking is a highly valuable feature nowadays. The ability to do several things at the same time allows men to woo a Ukrainian girl and entertain her friends simultaneously. If you think that you need to steal that girl from her friends and devote the evening to her, you are totally wrong. You should show her that you are a nice guy. Besides, you don’t want her friends to take her away from you, do you? Therefore, it is better to become a part of her company. You should show her friends that you are a nice man who has good intentions. Maintain her interest and entertain her friends at the same time.

Note! Don’t change the subject of your interest. Keep in mind that entertaining this girl’s friends should not look like flirting. By the way, it will be great to show her female friends that you are into her, not them. Make it clear from the very beginning.

Make sure you don’t sound like a regular pickup artist

I bet you have seen a great number of guides like How to pick up girls at a bar or even How to pick up a Ukrainian girl at a bar. I know, they may be quite interesting but it does not mean they are useful. Despite the growing popularity of pickup guides, this is not the best way to approach a Ukrainian girl at a bar. If you aim at dating Ukrainian women, you will probably choose a smart one. In this case, your pickup line will make her feel like she is the twentieth girl you try to approach with these words.

How to choose the right place to meet a Ukrainian girl?

There is a great variety of bars in Ukraine where you can meet a great Ukrainian girl. Which one to choose and how to pick up a Ukrainian girl there? If you don’t know what to talk about or have some doubts about how to pick up girls at the bar, choose a specific bar and make it your benefit. For instance, if you play pool, search for a place where you can both find a Ukrainian woman and play pool or Russian pyramid.