The Case in CS Go – what is it, how do you earn money from the cases

What are the case studies of CSGO?

In the event that you’ve been playing Team Fortress 2 or Dota 2 from the time of its launch, You must know about the system of monetizing cases. A chest, case or box is an exclusive object with additional items “hidden” within it. What exactly is contained in your case advance , to determine is the main reason that smells of addiction.

Each case is unique and has skins inside that you won’t find in other cases. The higher the slope of the skins the case, the more fascinating the case will become.

The skin of a cheap knife and the unique knife may be thrown out. There is more information on the possibility of a knife falling out is below.

How do I get a free case

The easiest method to find a case on CSGO is to use the in-game drop items. When you play in official matchmaking , or some other mode offered by Valve it is possible to lose an item. In general, it could be a low-cost weapon or our old-fashioned case.

Another option can be to exchange trades with fellow players. Most cases do not get traded, however those which have been removed from the game are traded completely.

The third option is to purchase through Steam. Steam trading site. It’s the same way as in the first method however, there you can exchange money for cases , instead of skins to purchase cases.

How to open a box

To open a case you will need to purchase keys. Keys are available in Gaben’s shop and costs 192 rubles to open the case as at the time of writing. It is impossible to unlock the case without the key.

What could be thrown out of the box is described in the description of each box.


  • Battle-hardened is the lowest quality game skin, very shabby-looking skins;
  • Wearing – the quality of skins improves There are less scratches and imperfections However, there are still many;
  • following field testing – “average” number of scuffs
  • A little worn-down – not much damage however, it is noticeable.
  • Straight from the factory – the top quality skins from the factory CSGO.


  • white color – consumerism
  • light blue – industrial quality;
  • dark blue – military quality
  • purple – forbidden;
  • pink – classified
  • the red is secret. – – secret;
  • yellow rare

The chance of dropping an expensive skin or knife in the game

It is played throughout the world. Different nations are governed by their laws in different ways, where developers are required to divulge the possibility of shedding various skins that they have in their case. The game is not an exception. Based on the most up-to-date information, the table that shows the probability of slipping out the knife in CS:GO appears like this:

Is it possible to earn profits from cases of CS:GO?

In the end the sense of principle, yes. Earnings are also guaranteeable. You don’t have to open cases within the game or on third-party websites using cases.

Cash-based scheme of earning CSGO is straightforward and comprises two different ways:

  • To await the announcement of a new update, with an added case, and then farm it in matchmaking mode or official mode in the first few hours following the launch of the updated cases on the trading floor and then wanting to buy lots. As of now, the cost of this case can be a lot greater than the cost of the key, yet it continues to drop. Case previously forfarmed – additional money Steam received.
  • Purchase inexpensive case (we speak of ruble cases that are sold for a penny in the market) and then wait. We are looking forward to the day when your case will not be dropped into the game. Sooner or later , this happens with every case, and once that happens, the market will start to function and new cases in the market won’t appear and the older cases will slowly disappear. If the cases contain the best skins, their value could be in excess of hundreds of rubles. But no matter if the cases aren’t the top the value of the case will increase in relation to the amount you purchased it for. The most important thing is to be patient, and the expect that the time to invest in such assets could be years.

If all users of case study websites were to be with a profit, there are no websites to be found, would they not?