Even with only a full 48 hours to explore Dubai, it was still enough for me to fall in love with the city. As an added bonus, we also made our way to Abu Dhabi to visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and let me tell you, grand is an understatement.

It was my first time in the Middle East and knowing their culture and religion, I had to put some thought in what clothes to pack and wear for the trip out of respect. It was a bit tricky but trousers did the trick. In spite of the torrid weather, I still made sure to cover myself in the right places. It also helped that the inside of the buildings are freezing cold and that I’m inside majority of the time but it still didn’t save my eyes from the glaring rays of the sun. In those instances, I questioned myself as to why I didn’t pack a pair of sunglasses. Of all things.

I wish this trip lasted longer. There’s still so much of Dubai to see but at least there’s a reason for me to come back again.




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