"Gunmetal" by Sartorialust

Slipped onto this ethereal number by good friend slash fave local designer slash life-saver, Bengt Enrique, for the E! Blogger’s Ball; aptly described by someone as a gown that Disney princess films are made of and I couldn’t agree more.

As per usual, I spent about a week going into a frenzy of panic about what I’m going to wear. I only had a day left ’till the ball and I still haven’t found anything to wear but in true Disney princess fashion I was saved by my fairy godmother, Bengt.


Bell sleeves are currently having a moment and I’m immensely in love with these huge flowy ones on the gown that followed my every move as I sashayed my way to and from the ball along with my dates, Renée and Bea.

The night did not end where the event did. The three of us booked a hotel room which was a perfect idea because it meant more time together and more Flaminghoes shenanigans. We’re hardly ever complete so we try to make the most out of our time with each other.

This is how you make long distance friendships work, folks.

"Gunmetal" by Sartorialust"Gunmetal" by Sartorialust

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