The future is such a scary and vague concept to most people but I often find myself heaps excited about it and recently, even more so.

Soon enough I’ll be done with school and it’s off to a new adventure for me (hello adult world?). Nothing is ever certain except for the fact that it will be great and exciting. Even though I sometimes get the inevitable, awful feeling of being lost on what to do, I sit still and quiet my mind – meditating. And then I remind myself about the things I’m passionate about. The ones that drive me and make me feel so excited to the core.

Currently I have so many ideas and plans in my head that I so badly want to execute. It gets overwhelming but of course, baby steps.

I constantly tell myself that everything I want is in my reach, I just have to go get it. The world is your oyster. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to live a life where I was pursuing the things that make me truly happy and not settling for less. Everyone should too.

I constantly search for new ways to grow by educating myself on things I’m genuinely interested in/passionate about, delving into things outside my comfort zone, etc. You know the drill. I strongly believe that you can always become a better person than you were yesterday. Never perfect, but definitely better.

In the process of my growth, I’ve come to learn a handful of things which are:

  1. To be unafraid. Fear is a figment of our imagination.
  2. To take risks because life begins outside your comfort zone.
  3. To love myself. It is so important.
  4. To go after my goals no matter how rough it can get. Stop at nothing.
  5. To have stronger faith and never doubt yourself.
  6. To surround myself with like-minded people. People who radiate self-love and abundance.
  7. To never half-ass anything.
  8. To always be grateful for everything.
Changing my outlook in life into an incredibly positive one was probably the most life-changing decision ever and all I can say is that The Law of Attraction is real.


I used to be doubtful when I read articles about this but let me tell you,

It. is. frickin. real.

And I speak from personal experience. When all these instances occurred, it took a while for me to process that it was actually happening. My thoughts manifested in real life. It’s crazy how the Universe works and it still blows my mind up to this point to be honest. Thoughts are a pretty powerful thing, you guys. Use it to your advantage.


“If you want to attract good things and feelings into your life, send awesomeness out to everyone around you.” – Jen Sincero

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