Palm Springs – Scene One, Take Two. Action.

A month ago I flew back to Palm Springs and this time, I travelled with my sister. The city still looks picturesque as ever and I found myself visiting the same places I did last time. The only difference is that I no longer went alone.

As free and liberating as travelling alone feels, I still prefer travelling with a companion. According to a Buzzfeed quiz*, I’m “More Extroverted” which meant I get lonely pretty easily and I prefer being around other people and Buzzfeed isn’t wrong. Or maybe I’m just too attached to my sister.

This time around I stayed a bit longer which is why I took my precious time and spent half the day asleep (jetlag hit me hard). The cold temperature wasn’t helping either and made me all the more feel like I should go into hibernation. But obviously that didn’t happen.

*Not a reliable source but the test results just resonated really well with me.


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